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Congratulation on Independence Day

Dear colleagues … Dear students

Peace, and Blessings of Allah be upon you

I take advantage of the Independence Day, the most precious and dearest occasion of all to the hearts of Jordanians, to congratulate each of you on this national occasion that deepens our love of our homeland and sacrifice for its glory and loftiness; this occasion which inspires in the soul the finest and greatest feelings of pride, honor, and dignity.

On this occasion, in my own name and on behalf of you all, I to extend to His Majesty, King Abdullah II, our deepest congratulations, and to express to His Majesty our loyalty, sincerity.

Wishing our dear nation, His Majesty, King Abdullah, and all Jordanians many happy returns of the Independence Day

Prof. Khalid El-Salem

Created at 5/24/2022 14:28 by HIBA HADDAD
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