Welcome From The Dean
At the beginning, I am pleased to welcome you to the Deanship of the Graduate Studies website, which was created to be a mean of guidance, assistance, and communication with all partners regarding the work of the Deanship of Graduate Studies and to clarify its procedures, systems, and various services. The Deanship of Graduate Studies’ belief in its main role that drives it to always strive to achieve a true partnership with the rest of the concerned parties inside and outside the university ​in order to succeed in developing higher education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and raise its level to match the international levels in the developed countries, in order to support the process of scientific research and strive towards transformation into a knowledge society and prepare graduates with high qualifications that contribute to their qualification. To be creators of renaissance and development.
Meet Our Students
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Graduate Thesis Defense
Selected scenes from thesis defenses of JUST graduate students held during the second semester 2018-2019
29 May 2019