Faculty members participated in the joint workshop with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship
23 Aug 2023

Faculty members from the CIT college participated in the distinguished workshop organized by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship in cooperation with the European Union, entitled "Artificial Intelligence: Shifting from Strategic Planning to Implementation". This pioneering workshop aims to support the Ministry's efforts to promote the use of technology and artificial intelligence to develop various sectors in the country and to enhance national capabilities in the areas of innovation and technological progress. More than 120 participants from public sector employees at various job levels participated in the workshop, in addition to representatives from the private sector, artificial intelligence companies, professors, and academic experts in the field of artificial intelligence and data.

The organizers presented their contributions and presentations during the workshop, where they covered various topics, including smart strategies, big analytics, and applications of artificial intelligence in a variety of government and private sectors. These posts received great interest from the audience, as the attendees exchanged ideas and experiences related to the applications of artificial intelligence in the business environment and society.

This active participation of faculty members in the College of Computer and Information Technology reflects their commitment to providing valuable contributions to the development of technology and innovation and enhances the role of the university as an important center for the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experiences with various sectors in society. The Dean of the College of Computer and Information Technology, Prof. Mounir Masada, expressed his optimism that this workshop would be a valuable opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge between the public and private sectors and to enhance cooperation in developing smart strategies and solutions that contribute to achieving technological and economic progress in Jordan.

It should be noted that this workshop comes as part of a series of events and seminars organized by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship in cooperation with distinguished international bodies, to enhance cooperation and exchange experiences in the field of technology and innovation, and support Jordan's vision towards achieving sustainable digital progress and improving the national economy by investing in human capabilities. and technological.