Robotics competition training in the College of Computer and Information Technology
03 Aug 2023

Under the auspices of the Dean of the College of Computer and Information Technology, Prof. Mounir Mosaada, a distinguished training course was created in coordination and cooperation between the Department of Computer Science and the IEEE RAS JUST Student Chapter community. This course aims to develop and train students on how to build and design small robots and their ability to successfully achieve specific goals in specific fields. Student Malik Salameh, Community Leader of the IEEE RAS JUST Student Chapter, organized and managed the training with team members and selected volunteers, while Dr. Malak Abdullah (Chair of the Computer Science Department) and the supervising doctor of the IEEE RAS JUST Student Chapter team supervised and provided them with everything needed for success. This course.

The training witnessed a large turnout of students, as their number exceeded 250 male and female students, and it lasted over 6 days, from 8 am until the end of school hours.

We aspire that this training will contribute to the development of students' skills in this growing field, as robotics and artificial intelligence are of great importance in the modern world. We believe that these events represent an important step towards innovation and development in the field of technology and engineering, and provide students with valuable opportunities to explore exciting future areas.

In addition, these exercises will culminate in the final competition stage, as the first robotics competition of its kind will be held at Jordan University of Science and Technology on August 30, 2023. This competition will be an excellent opportunity to measure the development and progress of our students' skills in designing and programming robots and to see what they have achieved in the field of artificial intelligence and its practical applications.

The event will witness the participation of teams from different colleges in the university, where the teams will compete in various challenges and specific tasks. This competition will be a platform for innovation and creativity, and it will be an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences between students, academics, and professionals interested in the fields of technology and artificial intelligence.

We are eagerly looking forward to this important stage, and we hope that the students will achieve remarkable achievements that will leave a mark in the world of technology and innovation. This competition will be a real opportunity to stimulate the spirit of positive competition and promote practical learning and practical applications of modern technology. We wish everyone success in these important events.

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