A training programming competition
30 Mar 2023

A training programming competition was held at the Jordan University of Science and Technology for college students on Wednesday 29-3-2023, which represents an ideal opportunity to develop their programming skills and improve their knowledge of technology. This competition was organized by the Department of Computer Science at the university. The Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Mounir Masaada The dean of the college has praised​ the organization of the competition and the outstanding performance of the students in the field of programming. The head of the department, Dr. Malak Abdullah, confirmed that the competition allows students to solve various programming issues and helps them get to know their colleagues in the college and exchange experiences and knowledge in this field.


This competition is prevalent among students in the College of Computer and Information Technology and is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their programming skills. This indicates the great efforts made by the university in enhancing the level of education, motivating students to develop their skills, and motivating them to participate in developing software solutions to real problems.


During this competition, students competed to solve a variety of 7 programming problems within two hours. It was gratifying to see many students solve these problems smoothly and efficiently. We mention in particular the first five places:

First place: Muhammad Al-Qaryouti

Second place: Omar Ali

Third place: Rayan Al-Omari

Fourth place: Al-Amin Sabah

Fifth place: Hashem Hamadin


The organization of this competition certainly has many benefits for the university and the students, which include enhancing interaction and cooperation between students, improving their technical and innovative skills, and increasing interest in the field of technology among young people. It also allows students to apply what they learn in the classroom in a competitive environment. We thank the efforts of the distinguished student team, JPC, who supervised the formulation of questions and training of students. We mention:

Osama Shkokani

Ali Omar

Monther Abu Zina

Abdul Rahman Al-Awadin

Faisal Al-Barq

Moataz Abu Aqoula

Hamza Harahsheh

Lima Hamad

Ahmed Souliman

Yazan Stateyeh