The University of Science and Technology wins advanced positions in the finals of the BlackHat MEA CTF 2022 Global Information Security Competition
27 Nov 2022

Jordan University of Science and Technology, through a group of its distinguished students, achieved advanced positions in the world in the finals of the global information security competition BlackHat MEA CTF 2022, which was held in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, after the competition of more than 200 teams from more than 35 countries around the world. 

The university was represented in the competition by students Muhammad Al-Falaila, Muhammad Amair, Yanal Abu Sini, Hashem Al-Salihi, Abdulaziz Irsheidat, Bilal Al-Qurna, Saif Al-Mashaqbeh, Malik Tawfiq.

The Dean of the College of Computer and Information Technology, Prof. Mounir Bani Yassin, expressed his pride in the student's achievement of advanced positions in the world, praising the students' efforts and their endeavor to participate in competitions that support their scientific careers, hone their practical skills, and enhance their spirit of innovation and creativity.