Annual introduction ceremony for the international programming competitions
24 Feb 2020

The College of Computer and Information Technology held its annual introduction ceremony for the international programming competitions. The meeting took place at twelve thirty on 2/24/2020, in the Salahuddin Auditorium. The ceremony started by welcoming the guests and presenting the various programming activities by the student Diaa Sarsour, then Professor  Wail Mardini gave a guiding and encouraging speech to the students and clarified various details related to the various programming competitions such as the ICPC competition and the stages of qualifying for the competition that takes place every year and about the benefits of learning and professionalizing programming And use it to solve practical problems. Dr. Mardini talked about the new method used by the college in the recent period based on teaching students programming by writing programs to solve problems and thanked the continuous support and encouragement of the college's administration represented by its dean, Professor Dr. Ismail Hamidi.

Mr. Samer Suleiman praised the great role that Jordan University of Science and Technology (the jewel of Jordanian universities) in graduating highly qualified students, and stressed that the only way to excel and innovate is to do more in developing personal skills.

After that, student Mohammad Al-Omari talked about his experience with various programming competitions and about how these activities help the student personally and his colleagues who graduated in recent years from the university and get jobs in the best international and regional companies such as Amazon, Samsung, and Samsung and topic and others.

Then the event featured some contests and symbolic prizes for the participants. Each of the students, Youssef Darwish and Bilal Al-Qarnah, spoke about their experiences and expertise in this field and about the various other activities that are held at the college with the support and encouragement of the management staff.

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