The SHMAGH: Announcing ISO 27001 Certification
30 Sep 2019

We’re proud to announce that The Information Security Center (SHMAGH SOC) has been awarded the ISO certificate in the Information Security Management System (ISMS) according to the requirements of ISO 27001: 2013 ISO / IEC.  Assessments the IAS accredited by the International Accreditation Form (IAF), In order to achieve this certification, (SHMAGH SOC) compliance was validated by the International Standards Company (ISC) LMS ASIA, delegated by LMS ASSESSMENT (independent auditor) to carry out external audit, annual follow-up and ISO certification.


ISO 27001 is one of the most well-known and internationally recognized information security standards. It identifies requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) . This standard is based on the requirements to establish, implement and maintain information security management continuously within the context of the Center.  It also includes information security risk assessment and treatment requirements. 


The center's importance in providing online security tools and services with an integrated system enables organizations to establish operating rules for security operations and Incident response scenarios - whether deployed on-site or as a hosted solution, helping the team reduce the number of alerts requiring human review by  99%, working in a platform that integrates with all core security products such as security information, SIEM security management, network security, threat intelligence tools, and endpoint solutions. 


The center provides an integrated strategy in the rapid response to security incidents and Green Circle Software Industry has been keen to implement and enable the center to the international standard ISO27001 through its specialized team in this field, which helped to obtain the ISO 27001 certification and acquisition in 2019, where we are working to further strengthen our commitment to provide better  Tools to keep your organization information, keep it safe and secure


While this is big news, our Security team is just getting started. As Mohammad Al-Khudari, CEO of GreenCircle, says, “This is a significant milestone for SHMAGH SOC. While the ISO 27001 certification is proof of our compliance, this is just the beginning of a long journey for us to continue to enhance our ISMS capability. We’ve got a lot planned for the future.”