Charity breakfast for orphans during the holy month of Ramadan
01 Apr 2024

Within the framework of its keenness to enhance the values of solidarity and community communication, the College of Computer and Information Technology organized a Ramadan Iftar banquet for more than fifty orphans from Mabarrat Umm Al-Hussein, out of the College’s belief in the importance of this precious group sharing the joy of the holy month.

The breakfast banquet witnessed active participation from members of the academic and administrative bodies, in addition to an elite group of students, who were keen to provide an atmosphere of joy and a warm welcome to the orphans.

The event included various entertainment events and activities specially designed for children, including face-painting sessions, fun competitions, and the distribution of valuable gifts. These activities contributed to bringing joy to the hearts of orphans and enhancing their sense of belonging and care.

The supervisors and companions from Mabarrat Umm Al-Hussein expressed their deep thanks and appreciation for this noble humanitarian initiative, stressing the importance of these initiatives in supporting and caring for the orphan group, especially in light of the Ramadan atmosphere.