The Jordan University of Science and Technology wins second and third place in the JCPC National Programming Competition
05 Nov 2023

The Jordan University of Science and Technology achieved remarkable success in the Jordanian Collegiate Programming Contest (JCPC), which was held on Saturday, the fourth of November, at the University of Applied Sciences. The university’s students were able to achieve advanced positions in the competition with the participation of 81 teams from various universities in Jordan. The Jordan University of Science and Technology ranked second, third, seventh, eleventh, and twenty-third, and the names of the winning students are as follows:

Second place: Ahmed Suleiman, Munther Abu Zeina, Iyad Al-Azzam

Third place: Yazan Istitieh, Osama Shukani, Yazan Alia

Seventh place: Ali Omar, Hamza Harahsheh, and Moataz Abu Aqoula

Eleventh place: Yahya Baraka, Muhammad Al-Qaryouti, Rayan Al-Omari

Twenty-third place: Ahmed Samer, Hammam Manasrah, and Khaled Abdullah

These amazing results reflect the exceptional capabilities of students in the field of programming and technology and confirm the university’s continued excellence as a leading educational institution in this field.

The competition, which lasted for five continuous hours and included 13 programming questions, provided students with a great opportunity to present their best programming skills and test their skills in solving complex programming challenges.

Professor Mounir Masaada, Dean of the College of Computer and Information Technology, expressed his pride in the students’ performance and excellence in the competition. He also thanked the trainers who contributed to preparing the students and training them seriously and carefully. He stressed that this participation reflects the continued successes of the Jordan University of Science and Technology in the field of programming and technology, and confirms the university’s commitment to developing the skills and capabilities of its students in this important field.

These achievements also represent a valuable addition to the reputation of the Jordan University of Science and Technology as a prominent center for developing programming and technology skills in Jordan, and emphasize the dedication and excellence of the university’s students. This participation embodies the university’s continued successes in achieving first place in national competitions and strengthens its position as a reference in the field of programming and technology.