Programming competition for tech teams
03 Sep 2023

Under the auspices of the Dean of the College of Computer and Information Technology, Prof. Dr. Munir Bani Yassin, Jordan University of Science and Technology held a programming competition for techno teams. Organized under the supervision of the Department of Computer Science, this competition witnessed the participation of more than 50 enthusiastic students from various technical backgrounds. The competition questions were carefully prepared and contained 12 diverse programming challenges, and only took 4 hours to solve. Also, among the competition laws, only one computer was allowed for each team, and access to the Internet was prohibited, which prompted students to rely on their programming skills, creative thinking, and mathematical intelligence that they learned during their years of study at the university.

At the closing ceremony organized to honor the winners, Dr. Munir Bani Yassin gave an inspiring speech about the importance of competitions in developing students' skills and motivating them to achieve excellence and their readiness to face the challenges of the diverse labor market. He also praised the students' performance and excellence in this field, emphasizing the university's commitment to excellence in technology.

For her part, Dr. Malak Abdullah, Head of the Department of Computer Science, gave a speech in which she shed light on the role of programming competitions in the university's history and their great importance in developing students' skills and preparing them for a promising future in the field of technology. She stressed that this event is an example of a strong commitment to promoting education and development in the field of technology in Jordan.

The honoring ceremony was marked by the presence of two prominent former graduates in the field of information technology, Talal Al-Majali (currently working in a prestigious position at Jawaker) and Hussam Musleh (a programmer at Amazon). The two provided valuable advice to the students about the importance of training and preparing for programming competitions, and how these competitions can contribute significantly to developing their skills and paving the way for them towards the job market. In support of the participating teams, Jawaker presented valuable cash prizes to the four winning teams of the competition, adding additional value to this educational and motivating event. In conclusion, certificates of thanks and appreciation were presented to the volunteers who worked hard and diligently to ensure the success of the competition and its smooth organization.

With regard to the five winning teams, the results of the competition are as follows:

First place: Team

Yazan Youssef, Osama Shkoukani, Yazan Astih

Second place: Bits Please

Monther Abu Zina, Ahmed Suleiman, Iyad Al-Azzam

Third place: Wololo

Ali Omar, Hamza Al Harahsheh, Moataz Abu Aqoula

Fourth place: ZeroBits

Yahya Baraka, Muhammad Al-Qaryouti, Rayan Al-Omari

Fifth place: MondayLeftMeBroken

Ahmed Samer, Hammam Manasrah, Khaled Abdullah

At the end of this distinguished event, we extend our best wishes to all participating students, wishing them success in their professional and academic future. We are eagerly awaiting more outstanding achievements and recording new successes in the process of education and technological development in Jordan.