"Techno Robotics" competition at Jordan University of Science and Technology
03 Sep 2023

​In an exceptional educational achievement, Jordan University of Science and Technology successfully organized the first competition of its kind in the university under the title "Techno for Robotics". This technological and educational event was organized in cooperation between the College of Computer and Information Technology and the Deanship of Student Affairs, with the distinguished support of the IEEE RAS JUST Student Chapter student team.

The competition witnessed an amazing participation of more than 50 teams and embraced more than 160 students from various disciplines. The competition was launched with wonderful arrangements and inspiring words by the Dean of the College of Computer and Information Technology, Prof. Mounir Bani Yassin. In his opening speech, Dr. Bani Yassin emphasized the importance of promoting the field of education and encouraging students to develop their skills through such inspiring events. The Dean not only thanked the student teams that volunteered diligently to organize the event but also praised their efforts and the prominent role they played.

On the other hand, the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Majid Mosaada, delivered a speech of appreciation for the students' performance and dedication in organizing the competition. He praised the university's ability to support and guide students to turn their ideas into reality by providing resources and guidance.

About training students, the Head of the Department of Computer Science, Dr. Malak Abdullah, emphasized in her speech the pivotal role played by the department in preparing students during the summer to prepare them to successfully participate in the competition. She did not forget to thank the head of the student team organizing the event, IEEE RAS JUST Student Chapter, Malik Salama, and all of his team for the exceptional efforts they made in training more than 250 male and female students throughout the summer semester and for their efforts in setting laws and controls for the competition and organizing this event successfully.

As an important supplement to the event, companies and institutions provided great support for the competition, as Cairo Amman Bank presented an amount of 350 dinars to the first winner, while Wasla provided an amount of 250 dinars to the second winner, and the third place winner received a reward of 150 dinars from Cairo Amman Bank. Thanks are also due to all the other companies that have extended their generous support to this important event.

As for the students' opinions, they expressed their great happiness with the competition and expressed their strong desire to participate in such events in the future. They also praised the role of Jordan University of Science and Technology in encouraging students to innovate and develop their skills in the field of technology.

This successful event reflects the dedication and great diligence exerted by the Jordan University of Science and Technology in supporting education and developing the fields of technology and robotics in Jordan. It significantly enhances the university's position as an educational center of excellence that works to deliver excellent education and promote technological sustainability. The continuation of such events and competitions contributes to the promotion of scientific education and encourages youth to take an interest in technology and innovation. It is also an opportunity for young people to develop their skills and highlight their creativity in the field of technology.