Cyber Security Hackthon – CTF
15 Nov 2021

What is Cyber Security Hackathon – CTF?

Capture The Flags, is a cybersecurity competition that will challenge players with games and tests related to Hacking and a variety of Cybersecurity concepts.

Teams of competitors (or just individuals) are pitted against each other in the games and the team/ Individual with the highest score will win.

The CTF game can be of great help for one’s career beginning due to its team-building nature and competitive aspect. In addition, there isn't a lot of commitment required beyond a weekend.

Who Should Register?

Any student/Worker in Jordan with Capabilities of Hacking in one or more from the domains associated in the competition.​

Procedures to Register for the Competitions:

  •  Complete the application form
  •  Get Approval
  •  Check your inbox
  •  Read the user manual instructions
  •  Start Competing

Information Cyber Security Hackathon-III.pdf