Opportunities at CERN/CMS - Call for candidates
31 Oct 2021

A number of paid placement opportunities have become available in CMS, based at CERN. These opportunities are offered in collaboration with the CERN Cooling group.


The placements are for a minimum period of 1 year.


​Energy Savings Projects

The Group intends to identify, study, propose and execute projects to recover the heat released and reduce the power consumption of the cooling and HVAC systems.  

The Group searches for young professional mechanical engineers, specialized in energetics to develop these projects. A previous experience in the design and construction of cooling and/or ventilation systems will be an asset. 


Control System Projects

The Group develops internally the PLC control software for the control and supervision of the group installations. After the definition of the functional analysis of the system, the control code is produced using a CERN internally developed tool named UNICOS (Unified Industrial Control System).  

The Group searches for young professional process and engineers, specialized in process regulation and control and to develop the control software, implement it on the cooling and ventilation systems, and follow-up the test and commissioning phases. A previous experience in functional analysis definition and PLC coding design and development will be an asset. 


3D CAD designer for Projects

The Group performs the detailed design of the cooling and ventilation systems to be realized, upgraded, or renewed. The design dossier of the system is completed with the definition of a detailed Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) and a detailed 3D model. Calculations for the selection of the main components are part of the detailed design task. The Group uses CATIA and Revit tools. 

The Group searches for support in this activity. The candidate is an experienced drafter or a young professional technical engineer with experience in 3D CAD design and selection of cooling and ventilation process components/accessories. A previous experience in CATIA and/or Revit will be an asset.


CAMM expert

The Group provides Operation and Maintenance support for its cooling and ventilation systems. This activity is managed via a dedicated CAMM tool.

The Group searches for expert technicians to support this activity. The candidate is an electro-mechanical technician having experience with cooling and ventilation installations construction or operation. The candidate shall be able to identify the installed components, search for the related technical documentation, process the collected information, and manage this information using the dedicated database. The candidate shall have experience with the use of engineering documentation and drawing software.

For any questions please review the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects.