A training programming competition for beginners
28 Apr 2024

Under the supervision of the Computer Science Department, the JUST ACM Student Chapter Club organized a training programming competition for beginners on Wednesday, April 24, 204, which comes in the form of teams to train them to solve programming problems within one team. This competition comes within the framework of the department's efforts to enhance student's skills and develop their abilities in the field of programming.

The competition was organized in cooperation with the CTC Computing Technology Club, which provided a team of volunteers to help make the event a success and make it special and fun for the participants. A team from JUST ACM (Mohamed Al-Qaryouti, Rayan Al-Omari, and Omar Ali) prepared the questions asked in the competition, which consisted of ten questions that were explained at the closing ceremony of the competition, where the winners were honored with prizes and certificates of appreciation.

These competitions come as an incentive from the Deanship of the College of Computer and Information Technology, where Professor Dr. Mounir Bani Yassin, Dean of the College, encourages the organization and support of events that enhance students’ skills and develop their abilities in the field of programming and computer science. These initiatives reflect the college's commitment to providing enriching and inspiring educational experiences for students and encouraging them to excel and innovate in various technical fields.

It is noteworthy that the JUST ACM Student Chapter was established during this year, and is considered a prestigious student club affiliated with the world-renowned ACM organization in the field of computing. He points out that there are five universities in Jordan that host clubs affiliated with the same institution.

On the other hand, the CTC Club is considered a pioneering platform in computing technology issues, as it was opened this year to provide a suitable environment for exchanging knowledge and experiences in this field of technology and computers. The students won first place in the competition: Ibrahim Al-Rabie, Yassin Ahmed, and Saleh Al-Naji, who presented outstanding performance and innovative programming solutions. The student team: Hashem Hamadin, Al-Amin Sabah, and Bashir Al-Jarrah, took second place with their great efforts and creativity in facing programming challenges. The third place went to Hossam Miqdadi, Muhammad Dhawa, and Ahmed Al-Damen, who excelled with strong performance and creativity in solving the programming issues presented.

Congratulations to all the winners for their wonderful performance and excellence in the competition. We look forward to seeing more achievements and innovations from them. We congratulate all the participating students, which numbered 27 teams.​