JUST Programming Contest I 2018
17 Mar 2018

In one of its activities for this year and in order to enhance the programming skills for CIT students and to prepare the JUST team for local and regional contests. Cyber Innovation Lab at CIT-JUST organized the “2018 JUST Programming Contest I” that take place in 17-03-2018.

More than 30 student competing to solve as many problems as possible by using their analytical and programming skills, and using their experience that has been gained by the scheduled training sessions.

The winner of the first three places are: Ibrahim Tuffaha, Reyad Hajeh and Ali Fadel.

The problem set is written and judged by a set of previous experienced graduated students of CIT, the contest is directed by Dr. Wael Mardin and Samer Suleiman from the computer science department.

The next contest will be made in 31/03/2018 for teams that will be formed depending on the result of the first contest.