Drones and Data Analysis workshop
12 Mar 2024

With support from the College of Computer and Information Technology, the IEEE Computer Society, supervised by Dr. Hossam Qabalan, Head of the Computer Engineering Department, organized a workshop entitled “Drones and Data Analysis” presented by Engineer Aladdin Khawaja, President of Saqr Academy.

Engineer Alaa presented an introduction to drones, in addition to a detailed explanation of their uses to collect integrated and accurate information in several applications, including energy systems, where unhealthy cells are identified with high accuracy so that the necessary maintenance can be performed on them. The importance of analyzing the information obtained from these drones to present it to the responsible party to make the right decisions was explained.​

These workshops are of great importance in transferring the necessary knowledge and skills in light of the current industrial revolution and emerging technology to students and encouraging them to research and develop in this important field. At the end of the workshop, the participants were honored by Dr. Hossam Al-Qabalan, President of the IEEE Society.