Digital Logic Design
Digital Logic Design Lab
Digital Logic Design and Computer Architecture (Non IT-Students)
Digital Logic Design Lab (Non IT-Students)
Computer Organization and Design
Object-Oriented Software Analysis and Design
Microprocessor Systems
Computer Architecture
Microprocessor Systems (Non IT-Students)
Microprocessor Systems Lab
Digital Integrated Circuits
Interfacing Lab
Operating Systems
Artificial Intelligence Systems
Practical Training II
Introduction to Parallel Algorithms and Programming
VLSI System Design
Advanced Computer Architecture
Embedded Systems
Computer Systems Project
Distributed Systems and Middleware
Software Design and Development Project
Computer Vision
Introduction to Neural and fuzzy computing
Graduation Project I
Graduation Project II
Special Topics in Computer Engineering III
Digital Logic Design (For IT-Students non CPE and non NES)
Digital Logic Design Lab(For IT-Students non CPE and non NES)
Introduction to Embedded Systems
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