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Operations Research

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بحوث العمليات

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Prerequisite: CS 112 + MATH 233 

 This course introduces students to problem modeling and solving using mathematical techniques.

It covers topics that include: linear programming, transportation, assignment, network flow and CPM/PERT techniques. Students will learn how to use quantitative analysis techniques and computer packages in solving problems facing business managers in decision environments. In addition to the full understanding that students will gain in learning how to use quantitative methods and techniques for effective decisions–making; model formulation and applications., they will enjoy a hands-on experience in solving real business decision making problems in the covered topics . The discussed applications are diverse, including industry, government, and defense. Topics usually chosen from dynamic, linear, and nonlinear programming; sensitivity analysis, decision theory, Markov chains, queuing theory, inventory control, simulation, network analysis, selected case studies.


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Operations Research

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