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Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems

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نظم دعم القرار والنظم الذكية

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Prerequisite: CIS 321 + CIS 352

 The purpose of this course is to treat the essentials of discrete-event simulation methodology, and does so in the context of a popular Arena simulation environment. The course contains topics on the simulation modeling methodology and the underpinnings of discrete-event systems, as well as the relevant underlying probability, statistics, stochastic processes, input analysis, model validation and output analysis, and more detailed design for organizational operations and their analysis. All simulations-related concepts are illustrated in numerous Arena examples, encompassing production lines, manufacturing and inventory systems, and Health Information Systems Applications. An introduction into the  application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in business will be given and the coverage will extend to include major characteristics of KBSs, the knowledge acquisition and representation, inference techniques, Expert System development tools and Case-Based reasoning. 

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Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems

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