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Enterprise Information Systems

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النظم المؤسسية الشاملة

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Prerequisite: CIS 352

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the theoretic and practical issues related to the application of enterprise systems within organizations. The main focus of this course is to demonstrate how enterprise systems integrate information and organizational processes across functional areas with a unified system comprised of a single database and shared reporting tools. Enterprise systems, by their multi-dimensional integrative nature, offer the depth of functionality and breadth of integration to demonstrate how global operations of organizations are managed. Thus, students will gain an appreciation of the scope of enterprise systems and the motivation for implementing them. Several issues are discussed including business process integration, acquisition and implementation of ES, challenges associated with the implementation of ES, organizational change and change management, governance of processes and data. Hands-on lab training on an ES will support the learned concepts.

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Enterprise Information Systems

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