Welcome To Our Department
Over the last decade, the tremendous growth of Computer Networks, Cloud and Fog computing, Mobile Applications, IoT, etc. have led to almost connecting everything to the internet. This technology revolution has brought significant security and privacy concerns that forced governments, corporations, and individuals to take cybersecurity into consideration when using any aspect of computing technology and devices. Currently, there is a shortage of 2.93 million Cyber Security professionals worldwide, according to ISC2. Moreover, the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics also adds that there will be a 28% job increase in this field by 2026
Meet Our Students
Daniah Al-Gburi
Being an international student in the Department of Cybersecurity at Jordan University of Science and Technology has been a very enriching experience; it has provided me with cutting-edge knowledge in the world of information security, and a hands-on understanding of different labs and tools, not to mention my experience with the professors and students here who have provided unwavering support and much-needed guidance, and always made sure they nurtured a positive learning environment. Although it can be challenging at times, my decision to study in the cybersecurity field here has been very fulfilling; I have learned things I wouldn’t have been able to attain on my own, and my enthusiasm for technology only grows every day.