The meeting of the president of the university with the faculty members of the college
28 Apr 2022

​As part of a series of meetings between Prof. Dr. Khaled Al-Salem, the president of the university, and faculty members in the various faculties of the university, and as an embodiment of his keenness to strengthen the bonds of communication between the university and its cadres in order to achieve the strategic goals of the university, Prof. Khaled Al-Salem met on Sunday 17/4/2022 with members of the faculty at the Faculty Sciences and Arts, and the meeting was attended by the Vice President of the University. Ahmed Al-Ajlouni, and Dean of the College of Sciences and Arts, Prof. Khaled Al-Shawaqfeh.

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Dr. Al-Salem welcomed the faculty members and praised the hard work carried out by the College of Sciences and Arts, expressing his belief in the important and serious role that falls on the shoulders of the college, and the sincere and hard work. of its employees.
  He explained his insightful vision of what the college does annually in receiving new students accepted in all disciplines of the university, and that the first beginning of the educational journey for these students is in the College of Sciences and Arts, where they are taught. By the people of knowledge and efficiency in it.

Dr. Al-Salem considered that the College of Sciences and Arts is the first educator who works on refining the personality of our students and preparing them to engage in receiving their sciences in the various colleges of the university in all disciplines.

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In his meeting with faculty members, Dr. Al-Salem talked about some issues related to the university's plans, the important projects that the university seeks to achieve, and ways to succeed, and mentioned some of the challenges facing the university on its way.

During the meeting, Al-Salem listened to the inquiries and observations of a number of faculty members, answered their questions, discussed their proposals, and discussed their professional and academic interests, in a smart leadership spirit full of cooperation and partnership, openness and acceptance of other opinions, and a willingness in line with the needs, requirements and visions in a way that preserves the university’s mission, goal and interests of workers. . in which.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Khaled Al-Salem expressed his happiness and happiness with this meeting, the purposeful and logical discussion that took place, and the lofty goals of the discussion that serve the university and its employees.​