Regulations and instructions for Jordan University of Science and Technology students
20 Jan 2022

Article One:

This system shall be called (Student Disciplinary System at the Jordan University of Science and Technology for the year 1999) and shall come into force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Article 2:

The provisions of this system apply to all students registered at the university.

Article 3: 

The following acts are considered disciplinary offenses that expose the student who commits any of them to the disciplinary penalties stipulated in this system.

1.Deliberately refraining from attending lectures or instigating their non-attendance in accordance with the relevant regulations, or non-compliance with other university requirements.

2. Cheating, attempting to cheat on an exam, breaching exam discipline, or disturbing the calm that must be maintained in the exam.

3. Any act committed by the student at the university that harms honor, dignity, public morals, violates good conduct or offends the reputation of the university or its employees, including any of the acts committed by the student outside the university. On the occasion of his participation or activity he is doing.

4. Any organization within the university or participation in it without a previous license from the competent authorities therein, and participation in any group activity that violates the university's organizational rules.

5. Using the university buildings without prior permission or for purposes other than for which they were prepared.

6. Distributing brochures, issuing wall newspapers in colleges, collecting signatures, or making a donation without obtaining a license from the competent authorities at the university, or misusing the license granted to carry out the mentioned activities.

7. Violation of order or discipline required by lectures inside the university.

8. Any insult or abuse directed by the student to a faculty member or any of the employees or students at the university.

9. Destruction of the university's movable and immovable funds.

10. Violation of peremptory rules or regulations related to the university law, its bylaws, or the instructions issued in implementation thereof.

11. Forging university documents and using forged documents for any university purpose.

Article 4:

. The disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed on the student shall be determined as follows:

1. Alert.

2. Expel him from the class and summon the university guard when necessary to expel him.

3. Depriving the student from attending some of the course's lectures, which disrupts order during teaching, or depriving him of attending all of these lectures.

4. Deprivation for a specified period of time from benefiting from the services provided by one or more of the university facilities in which the violation was committed.

5. Banning for a specified period of time from engaging in one or more student activities during which the violation was committed.

6. Three degrees of warning: (first, double, final).

7. A fine of no less than twice the value of the thing or things that he damaged.

8. Cancel registration in one or more courses for the semester in which the violation occurred.

9. Temporary dismissal from the university for one semester or more.

10. Permanent expulsion from the university.

11. Canceling the issuance of the certificate if fraud or fraud was found in the procedures for granting it.

12. It is permissible to combine two disciplinary penalties or more of the penalties stipulated in Paragraph (A) of this Article.

Article 5: 

Decisions to impose disciplinary sanctions shall be kept in the student's file with the Deanship of Student Affairs, and the competent authority imposing the penalty shall inform the student's guardian and the sending authority, if any.

Article 6: 

If a student is caught cheating while taking an exam or test, he shall be punished with the following penalties together:

1. He is deemed to have failed that exam or test.

2. Cancel his registration in the remaining courses in which he was registered in that semester.

3. Dismissal from the university for a semester after the semester in which he was arrested.

Article 7:

1. In the first month of each academic year, the college council forms a committee for one year, renewable for another year, or more than three faculty members in the college to investigate violations committed by students within the college.

2. The Dean shall refer the violations to this committee for investigation and determination of the appropriate punishment​