''A lecture at the College of Science and Arts, Department of Chemical Sciences, entitled "Management of Chemical and Hazardous Substances"
05 Dec 2021

Under the patronage and supervision of the Dean of the College of Sciences and Arts, Prof. Khaled Shawaqfeh, in the presence and supervision of the Head of the Department of Chemical Sciences, Dr. Nazeer Rawashdeh, and the course instructor, Dr. Ayat Bani Irsheed.

The Department of Chemical Sciences at the College of Science and Arts, in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Environment - Department of Hazardous Substances, Chemicals and Waste Management, organized on Wednesday 12/1/2021 a lecture entitled "Managing Chemicals and Hazardous Substances", which is part of the activities of objectives of the course "Ethics and Safety of Chemicals".​

Where a delegation was received from the Ministry of Environment represented by the Head of the Hazardous Substances Processing Center Department, Engineer Mahmoud Al-Zbon and Chemical Engineer Yazid Al-Hefnawi.

A lecture was given to employees and students in the Department of Chemical Sciences, which included how the Ministry of Environment works in general and the management of chemicals and hazardous materials, and familiarized them with the difficult role and international strategies and agreements where the Ministry participates and integrates with other concerned ministries, in addition to introducing the attendees to the details of how chemicals are destroyed in Landfills and incinerators assigned to them, and the lecturers instructed the students on how to deal with dangerous chemicals, and the importance of this. Disclosure periodically by scientific methods to avoid any damage to chemicals that may cause damage in the storage place.

The importance of this lecture comes within the philosophy and strategy of the College of Sciences and Arts and the Department of Chemistry in developing the educational process, empowering students and enhancing their abilities to ensure adequate knowledge in the safe handling of hazardous chemicals and the role of the Ministry of Environment in that specialization and field.​​