(invitation to activity)
30 Mar 2022

Within the extracurricular activities of the College of Science and Arts
   The college will hold a series of Ramadan lectures to celebrate the holy month titled
   (Luminous pauses with the Noble Qur’an)
   The College of Science and Arts is pleased to invite interested academics and administrators
   The university attends those lectures given by Dr. Asmaa Momani from the Department of Humanities - Assistant Dean of the College, every Tuesday throughout the holy month at 1:30 pm in 
 (Salah El Din Hall)
   The topics of the lectures will be as follows:
   The Seven Letters and the Seven Readings( First week)

   Quranic drawing (copying and collecting the Quran) ( Second week)
   Assets and brushes in the readings (Third week)
    Linguistic Gestures in the Qur'an (fourth week)
   Prof. Khaled Al-Shawaqfeh
   Dean of the College of Sciences and Arts​