Bioinformatics Analysis of Environmental Epigenetics Characteristics across Populations Exposed to Pollution and Stress (2022)
Laith Naser Al-Eitan
Project Title: Influence of Adding Oxygen and Nitrogen on the Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of CoNi Alloy: First Principle Calculations (2022)
Mohammad-Khair Abdel-Karim Qaseer, Abdalla Ahmad Obeidat
Solving Intuitionistic Fully Fuzzy Transportation Problems using Intuitionistic Polygonal Fuzzy Numbers (2022)
Mahmoud Hasan Alrefaei
L^p bounds for rough generalized parametric Marcinkiewicz integrals (2022)
Mohammed Yousef Ali
Studying the Structural, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties of X3Pt and XPt3 (X=Fe, Co, or Ni) alloys using Density functional theory and Monte Carlo simulation (2022)
Khaled Mohammad Aledealat, Abdalla Ahmad Obeidat