Comprehensive Exam reading list for master's degree in Applied Lingusitics
09 Apr 2023

​The Comprehensive Exam reading list for master's degree in Applied Lingusitics. 

Translation and Interpretation 

  1. Munday, Jeremy (2001) Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and applications. London: Routledge.   
  2. Venuti, Lawrence (2001). The Translation Studies Reader. London: Routledge 
  3. Gentzler, Edwin (2001) Contemporary Translation Studies. Multilingual Matters Ltd. 


Information Technology and Teaching Language 

  1. Al-Mahrooqi, Rahma and Salah Troudi (Eds.). (2014). Using Technology in Foreign Language Teaching .  U.K: Cambridge Scholars. 
  2. Motteram, Gary ed (2013) Innovations in learning technology for English language teaching British Council (London)  


Applied Linguistics 

  1. Cook. G. (2011) Applied Linguistics (Oxford Introduction to Language Study Series) 2nd ed. Oxford: OUP. 
  2. Davies A. (2012) An Introduction to Applied Linguistics Edinburgh: Edinburgh University


Theories of Language Teaching And Learning

  1. Corder, S, (1973). Introduction Applied Linguistics. London: Penguin.
  2. Hutchinson, T and Waters (1987). English for Specific Purposes: A Learning Centered Approach. Cambridge University Press.



  1. Radford, A. (2016). Analyzing English Sentences.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 
  2. Van Gelderen, Elly (2017) Syntax: An Introduction to Minimalism. New York: John Benjamin. 


Phonetics and Phonology 

  1. Ladefoged P. and Keith Johnson (2011). A Course in Phonetics (6th ed.). Wadsworth Cengage Learning.
  2. Hayes B. (2009). Introductory Phonology. Blackwell Publishing.
  3. Daniel, Iyabode Omolara (2011). Introductory Phonetics and Phonology of English. Cambridge Scholar Publishing.


Semantics and Pragmatics 

  1. Yan Huang. (2014). Pragmatics. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  2. Gunter Senft. (2014). Understanding Pragmatics. London: London: Routledge.