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Teaching/Learning English as a Foreign Language

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  This course aims to review general theories of teaching and learning English as a foreign language and to consider the implications of these theories for foreign language learning and teaching. It also aims to consider the practical implications of research into important factors in language teaching and learning connected with the learner and the circumstances of learning. The main topics dealt with will be:

Theory and Theories

     the nature and development of theories; behaviorism and its relevance; cognitve theories of learning: concept-formation, information-processing and skill theory approaches

Foreign  Language Learning Processes

             contrastive analysis; interlanguage and error analysis; the monitor/comprehensible input model; current approaches      to L1 transfer; variable competence models; sociolinguistic and discourse models

Foreign Language Learning Conditions

input, interaction and output in language learning; the influence of instruction on learning 

Learner Variables in Foreign Language Learning

motivation and attitude; aptitude; learning styles and strategies


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Teaching/Learning English as a Foreign Language

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