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Interpretation and Translation for Special Purposes

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The taught part of the course involves theoretical and practical training in various methods and techniques of   interpreting and translating. The theoretical components are  based around interpretation  and translation studies. These components are not only vital for the working interpreter and translator but form a theoretical base for the thesis (if any). The main emphasis of the course is on practical interpretation and translation into and out of Arabic. Workshops  are taught by native speakers of the target language. The  course includes professional note-taking, and consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.  Students spend some hours each week studying English to improve speaking , listening writing and reading skills. Students are also advised to take a course in Information Technology   which includes English and Arabic word processing, editing   and electronic mail, vital skills for the professional translator and interpreter. Students will be asked to interpret and/or translate material taken from mass media, and speeches made by politicians and diplomats in both Arabic and English and vice versa.


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Interpretation and Translation for Special Purposes

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