Project Title: Influence of Adding Oxygen and Nitrogen on the Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of CoNi Alloy: First Principle Calculations (2022)
Mohammad-Khair Abdel-Karim Qaseer, Abdalla Ahmad Obeidat
Studying the Structural, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties of X3Pt and XPt3 (X=Fe, Co, or Ni) alloys using Density functional theory and Monte Carlo simulation (2022)
Khaled Mohammad Aledealat, Abdalla Ahmad Obeidat
Studying the effect of substitution defects on barium hexaferrite's structural, electronic, and magnetic properties using density functional theory and Monte Carlo simulation. (2022)
Maen Ahmed Gharaibeh, Abdalla Ahmad Obeidat
Combined Tribological and Bactericidal Effect of Boron Carbide as a Potential Coating for Artificial Joints (2021)
Ahmad Mohammed Alsaad
Polyethylene Oxide doped with Nano Cobalt Cerium Dioxide Nanocomposite as an antimicrobial surface (2021)
Ahmad Mohammed Alsaad