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M.Sc of Applied chemistry - (1999)
Department Compulsory Req. (13) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
917110CHEM711 structure and mechanisms of organic compounds 3---On Campus
917210CHEM721 physicochemical methods in inorganic chemistry 3---On Campus
917310CHEM731 methods of chemical analysis 3---Blended
917410CHEM741 quantum chem. and molecular spectroscopy 3---On Campus
917910CHEM791 seminar 1---Electronic Course

Department Elective Req. (12) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
917120CHEM712 organic reactions and synthesis 3---Blended
917130CHEM713 heterocyclic chemistry 3---On Campus
917140CHEM714 advanced polymer chemistry 3---On Campus
917230CHEM723 advanced organometallic chemistry 3---On Campus
917240CHEM724 solid state chemistry 3---On Campus
917321CHEM732 chromatographic separations and electroanalytical methods 3On Campus
917320CHEM732 chromatographic seperation and elrctroanalytical methods 3EquivalentOn Campus
917340CHEM734 environmental analytical chemistry 3---On Campus
917420CHEM742 industrial electrochemistry 3---On Campus
917431CHEM743 applied kinetics of chemical reactions 3On Campus
917430CHEM743 applied kinetics 3EquivalentOn Campus
917610CHEM761 metabolism of biomolecules 3---On Campus
917640CHEM764 biochemical techniques 3---On Campus
917900CHEM790 special topics in applied chemistry 3---Blended
917920CHEM792 research methods in chemistry 3---Blended

Specialization Compulsory Req. (9) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
917996CHEM799A master thesis 9---On Campus
917997CHEM799B master thesis 6---On Campus
917998CHEM799C master thesis 3---On Campus
917999CHEM799D master thesis 0---On Campus