Global Chemists’ Code of Ethics: Making Positive Change Happen
13 Feb 2018

As part of the chemistry department's activities and in collaboration with the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Jordanian Chemical Society (JCS), Dr. Abu Dalo, an associate professor in the chemistry department at Jordan University of Science and technology gave a presentation about "Global Chemists’ Code of Ethics (GCCE)" on March 16 2017.  More than 150 graduate and undergraduate students/faculty members attended the presentation.


The overall objective of presentation is to promote a positive perception and public understanding and appreciation of chemistry.  This can be done through research, innovation, teamwork, collaboration, community outreach, and high ethical standards.  The presentation covered the role of chemistry professionals in mentoring, and advocating of the safe and secure application of chemistry to benefit humankind and preserve the environment for future generations and in addition to their roles in providing professional inputs and opinions to government and other decision makers regarding industrial, environmental, and other issues.   She also, pointed out the destructive purposes of chemistry when falling into the wrong hands.


The presentation covered the details information about the Global Chemists’ Code of Ethics (GCCE) workshop background that was held in Kula Lumpur last April 2016. The aim of that workshop was to develop a Code of Ethics for chemists, which would be accepted globally.  Dr. Abu Dalo participated in that three days' workshop and in drafting the codes that covering   research, environment, scientific writing and publication, safety, and security.  She was tasked with sharing and discussing the code with her colleagues when returning home.


For more information about the Global Chemists’ Code of Ethics, please visit:


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