The College of Pharmacy hosts an awareness lecture about addiction drugs
02 Jan 2022

​Drugs are currently considered one of the biggest problems faced Worldwide. Countries are striving to combat this problem.

This is a problem, not only to the security of the country, but also a societal phenomenon, and it is mandatory for us all combat it to limit its spread.
College of Pharmacy hosted Dr. Anas Al-Tantawi - Head of the Advertising Department at the Psychiatric and Addiction Hospital, to lecture about addiction drugs awareness.
The lecture dealt with several topics, including the definition of narcotic substances, their types and dangers, street drugs, and their negative and behavioral impact on all segments of society.
It included the medical definition of drugs and medical preparations that are misused, and their psychological and physical damage.
In conclusion, Mr. Al-Tantawi focused on the importance of treating addiction among young people, and ways to prevent drugs and prevent their spread among that group.