Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) wins first place for the Prince El Hassan Award for Scientific Excellence
22 Mar 2021

Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) won first place equally for the Hassan Award for Scientific Excellence for its project "Establishing the Pharmaceutical Research Center at the University: Vision and Achievement," which is considered a national achievement with international standards.
The President of the University, Prof. Saeb Khraisat, said that we are looking for this center to be a pioneering global center by presenting unique studies. He indicated that the Pharmaceutical Research Center's establishment at JUST came to use scientific, professional, and administrative competencies to conduct clinical trials and facilitate the research in the pharmaceutical field.

Prof. Khraisat stated that the announcement of the Award results for this year coincides with the awards 26th anniversary and also coincides with the 74th birthday of its founder, His Highness Prince El-Hassan bin Talal, Chairman of the Higher Council for Science and Technology, whose vision is based on that education provides the key to the development of our nation in a sustainable and equitable manner.

The director of the center, Prof. Rana Obaidat, indicated that the center had achieved qualitative achievements in the last two years by participating in clinical research, which reached 16 active clinical trials. Despite all the Covid-19 pandemic obstacles, the center had global achievements with some studies in the past year and achieved the vision of establishment by contributing to providing treatments and diagnosis for many patients. It had an active role in training students, graduates, and workers in both the medical, pharmaceutical and food sectors. The center also contributed to the scientific research community locally and internationally by providing direct analytical services. Also, the center contributed to achieving quality partnerships with national institutions such as the JFDA. On the other hand, the center had many initiatives to serve the university community in the light of Covid-19 pandemic, like the preparation of hand-sanitizers.
The El Hassan Award for Scientific Excellence was established to promote knowledge, learning, scientific research, and training to support education for sustainable and equitable development. 
"His Royal Highness believes deeply that education should not only be a national priority but should also reach beyond both the classroom and the syllabus to incorporate the latest technological and communications developments. His Royal Highness believes that the education that our talented young people receive should also meet the challenges of rapid technological development around the world," the statement said.

JUST is gaining a high reputation locally, regionally, and internationally as a leading and advanced university in the Middle East region and occupies prestigious international university rankings. According to the Times Higher Education (THE) classification, it is currently among the top 500 universities globally and is currently ranked 520 in the world according to the classification US News.

Since the establishment of the pharmaceutical research center, it has successfully finished more than (50) international clinical studies (Phase I-IV) and more than (300) high-quality physicochemical analysis studies that meet international standards. The Pharmaceutical Research Center provides several services such as conducting clinical trials (Phase I-IV), animal studies, biological analysis services, pharmaceutical research studies, and pharmaceutical training). Altogether, this makes the Pharmaceutical Research Center a leading center in serving the pharmaceutical industries in Jordan, the Middle East, and North Africa region.