Directly Compressed Controlled Release Matrix Tablets for Once Daily Administration of Weakly Basic Drugs or Their Salts Using Novel Ternary Mixture of Smart Polymers
04 Mar 2021

​It was surprisingly found that the much desired controlled/sustained drug release was achieved using ternary polymeric composition; all of which are pH dependent release retardant. The ternary polymeric compositions include (a) at least one non-swelling pH dependent enteric polymer, (b) at least one non-swelling pH dependent non-enteric release retardant and (d) at least one pH dependent release retardant hydrogel; and the dosage form is a matrix tablet type dosage form. This was achieved for pharmacologically active ingredients (drugs) of weakly basic properties. The total amounts of ternary polymers were kept as low as possible compared to total tablet weight. The ratios of the release retardants polymers within the ternary polymeric composition were found critical in determining the controlled release performance. When ratios are optimized a sustained release up to twenty-four hours can be achieved.