M.Sc of Pharmacy - CLINICAL PHARMACY (2017)
Department Compulsory Req. (25) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
307031PHAR703 clinical clerkship 1 3---On Campus
307050PHAR705 clinical clerkship 2 3---On Campus
307060PHAR706 clinical clerkship 3 3---On Campus
307081PHAR708 clinical clerkship 4 3---On Campus
307100PHAR710 research methodology 2---On Campus
307411PHAR741 therapeutics 3---On Campus
307421PHAR742 advanced therapeutics 3---On Campus
307443PHAR744 comprehensive therapeutics 1---Blended
307560PHAR756 biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics 3---Blended
307700PHAR770 seminar 1---On Campus

Department Elective Req. (9) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
107311MED731 pathophysiology 3---On Campus
107531MED753 experimental techniques in pharmacology and physiology 3---On Campus
107540MED754 pharmacogentics 3---Electronic Course
307432PHAR743 current topics in clinical pharmacy 3---Electronic Course
307452PHAR745 immunopharmacology 3---On Campus
307482PHAR748 neuropharmacology 3---On Campus
307540PHAR754 drug delivery systems 3---Blended
307640PHAR764 drug metabolism 2---On Campus
307650PHAR765 advanced pharmacology 3---On Campus
307660PHAR766 pharmacoeconomics 3---Electronic Course
307670PHAR767 clinical pharmacokinetics 3---On Campus
307680PHAR768 clinical pharmaceutical microbiology 2---On Campus
307690PHAR769 hospital pharmacy and communication skills 3---On Campus
307711PHAR771 clinical research techniques 3---On Campus
307720PHAR772 parenteral nutrition 2---Blended
307731PHAR773 case studies in clinical biochemistry 2---Blended
307741PHAR774 drug information 1---On Campus
307751PHAR775 design of clinical trials 3---On Campus
307762PHAR776 advanced pharmacy practice 3---Blended
307770PHAR777 design of clinical surveys 1---On Campus
307780PHAR778 pharmaceutical care 3---Blended
307790PHAR779A special topics (a) 3---On Campus
307791PHAR779C special topics (c) 1---Blended
307792PHAR779B special topics (b) 2---On Campus

Specialization Compulsory Req. (0) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
307980PHAR798 comprehensive exam 0---On Campus