A list of the most prominent achievements of the program and the awards it received
Open Day at the Al-Sareeh Comprehensive Health Center.
05 Jun 2022

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. HUda Gharaibeh, Master’s students of Acute Pediatric Nursing organized a Health Scientific Open Day at the Al-Sareeh Comprehensive Health Center on Wednesday, June 1st  about "The wrong care practices of mothers in regards to the care of children and new-borns, within the course of Acute pediatric Nursing course I/practical, with the aim of educating mothers and attendees about the dangers of wrong care practices and correcting wrong concepts about these practices.The Health scientific open day included presentations, videos, posters, and brochures. This was followed by a practical application of the correct practices regarding cleaning the umbilical cord of the newborn and the correct way to wrap the child, in addition to other community services such as measuring the attendees' blood pressure and blood sugar levels.