Objectives and Outcomes


The objectives of the Faculty of Nursing are to:

  1. Provide innovative undergraduate and graduate nursing and midwifery programs.
  2. Foster a positive academic environment utilizing a wide range of technological and instructional approaches.
  3. Enhance personal and intellectual development of students.
  4. Achieve national and international recognition for excellence in nursing.
  5. Promote an environment for innovative practice, research and scholarship.


 The Baccalaureate program is designed to prepare nurses who are able to:

  1. Integrate relevant knowledge and skills rooted in the nursing, human and social sciences in providing quality comprehensive nursing practice.
  2. Demonstrate high level competencies that reflect critical thinking, effective communication, leadership and management skills and professional therapeutic nursing intervention. 
  3. Demonstrate accountability and advocacy roles incorporating ethical, legal, social, political and professional standards into nursing practice decisions.
  4. Utilize and implement research evidence in the delivery of health care, continued competence and quality improvement.
  5. Function with harmony within health care team and collaborate with organizations outside the scope of nursing practice.
  6. Assume responsibility for lifelong learning and maintenance of competencies.