Research Interests

Relationships between obesity parameters according to the accuracy of detecting coronary arteries stenosis (number and percentage), Frailty, and Length of Stay among Jordanian hospitalized patients undergoing cardiac catheterization. (2021)
Audai Abdel-Razzaq Hayajneh
Examining the Effectiveness of Modified Motivational Interviewing Intervention in Improving University Students Health: A Mixed Methods Study (2021)
Jehad Abd Alkader Rababah, Mohammed Munther Al-Hammouri
Religious Coping, Spiritual Well-being, and Death Anxiety among Older Adults during the Pandemic of COVID-19. (2020)
Mohammad Jamil Rababa
The Effect of Holy Quran Sounds on Pain-Inducing Procedures in Patients Receiving Mechanical Ventilation Support (2020)
Mohammad Jamil Rababa
Testing the Effectiveness of Internet-Delivered Branching Simulation to Improve Nurses' Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, and Decision Making Skills Related to Sepsis Assessment and Management in Critical Care Patients (2020)
Mohammad Jamil Rababa