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Overlapping Fragilities: The Impact of COVID-19 on Refugees and IDPs in Conflict-Affected Countries (2021)
Yousef Saleh Khader
Students' perception and experience of remote online exams during COVID-19 pandemic (2020)
NOSAYBA ZAKARIYA ALAZZAM, Nail Abdullah Obeidat, Lina Mohammed Suhail Elsalem, Ahmad Abdel Halim Jum''ah
Extraspinal findings on lumbar spine MRI: distribution and clinical significance (2020)
Ruba Abd-Allah Khasawneh, Ziyad Mohammad Mohaidat
The use of Methotrexate in the management of ectopic pregnancy: 15 years experience in a tertiary center. (2020)
Amer Mahmoud Sindiani, Hasan Mohammad Rawashdeh
Histopathological Patterns of Drug Induced Injury in General Pathology Practice; the Lessons to be learned. (2020)
Ismail Ibrahim Matalka