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Overlapping Fragilities: The Impact of COVID-19 on Refugees and IDPs in Conflict-Affected Countries (2021)
Yousef Saleh Khader
Association of Left Atrial Size with Mortality after valve replacement surgery (2021)
Khalid Shaker Ibrahim
Capturing medical and dental students' voices on the effects of COVID 19 pandemic on student learning (2020)
NOSAYBA ZAKARIYA ALAZZAM, Lina Mohammed Suhail Elsalem
Extraspinal findings on lumbar spine MRI: distribution and clinical significance (2020)
Ruba Abd-Allah Khasawneh, Ziyad Mohammad Mohaidat
Cognitive Medical Errors and Their Contributing Factors in Jordanian Hospitals (2020)
Mohammad Sharif Alyahya , Heba Hesham Hijazi