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  Radiological and histopathological findings among patients with BIRADS IVc and V subgroups and non-malignant pathologic diagnosis after Ultrasound guided needle core biopsy. A Radiology Pathology Correlation Study (2023)
Anwar Abdullah Rjoop, Maha Mohamed Gharaibeh, Alia Habes Al-Mohtaseb
  Exploring healthcare providers' knowledge about antibiotic use, resistance and assessing available .policies in Jordan (2023)
  Clinical Features and Management of Women with Borderline Ovarian Tumors (BOT) in a Single Center in Jordan (2023)
Basil Rasheed Obeidat
  Arthroscopic Debridement of the Knee Joint 5 years follow up (2023)
Khaldoon Mohammed Kair Bashaireh
  Determinants and outcome of stroke after heart valve surgery (2023)
Nizar Radi Alwaqfi