Jordan University of Science and Technology's Faculty of Medicine Hosts Eminent Oncologist from Weill Cornell University and Methodist Hospital in Houston
28 Jul 2023

Jordan University of Science and Technology's Faculty of Medicine hosted Dr. Maan Abdelrahim, an eminent oncologist from Weill Cornell University and Methodist Hospital in Houston, United States. The visit was marked by a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Bashir Khassawneh, who warmly welcomed Dr. Maan to his office.
During the meeting, they discussed the esteemed position of the Faculty of Medicine regionally and globally, as well as the exceptional programs it offers. They also highlighted the outstanding performance of the faculty's graduates in specialty exams in the United States, and the international accreditation received by the faculty's Neurology and Pathology specialty programs. The meeting emphasized the importance of enhancing academic cooperation and exchanges between the university and Methodist Hospital.
Following that, Dr. Maan met with the Dean of Academic Development and the Director of the International Relations Office, Professor Fidaa Tameemi. The meeting shed light on the international agreements between Jordan University of Science and Technology and prestigious universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries. The university, particularly the Faculty of Medicine, expressed its openness to cultural, medical, and scientific exchange opportunities with several distinguished American academic and healthcare institutions.
In an inspiring atmosphere, Dr. Maan Abdelrahim delivered a lecture on the latest advancements in pancreatic cancer treatment at the Zahrawi Hall in King Abdullah University Hospital. The lecture was attended by deputy deans, assistants, specialists, residents, and a large number of medical students. Dr. Maan focused on his latest research efforts in developing drugs that target specific molecules in cancer cells to halt tumor growth.
After the lecture, Dr. Maan accompanied the faculty and internal medicine department staff on a tour of the hospital's facilities. Additionally, he visited the Saudi Center for Radiation Oncology and familiarized himself with the modern equipment and operations of the center.
This visit is part of the Faculty of Medicine's ongoing commitment to hosting international experts, benefiting from their knowledge, experience, and research, and creating opportunities for academic, training, and research collaboration with distinguished global institutions.​

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