The President of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) is visiting the College of Medicine at the University of Science and Technology.
08 May 2023

Dr. Khaled Al-Salem, President of the Jordan University of Science and Technology, met Dr. Ricardo Burciaga, President of the Federal Council of Medical Education (WFME), and Dr. Saad Bani Mohammad from the Accreditation Council for Higher Education Institutions this Sunday. During the meeting, Dr. Al-Salem explained that the university has a wide network of scientific cooperation with many prestigious universities and research centers around the world. He also presented the university's history, achievements, unique programs in the region, and its high local and international status. Dr. Al-Salem also spoke about the Jordan University of Science and Technology's experience with the international accreditation of medical education, affirming that the university's accredited colleges align with its advanced ranking among other universities worldwide.

The delegation's visit included a visit to the medical college. The meeting started with the Dean, Dr. Bashir Khasawneh, welcoming the esteemed guests and clarifying the importance of their visit and the college's goals in developing the academic and research aspects in the medical field. A detailed introduction about the college and its significant achievements during the past period was presented.

Afterward, the Dean led the delegation on a tour of the medical college's departments, facilities, laboratories, and the King Abdullah University Hospital. During the tour, they listened to an explanation of the available teaching and training programs, research areas, and services. Several fruitful discussions were held regarding the training programs offered by the college and ways to improve and develop them, in addition to discussions about medical research and its impact on the local and global communities.

Finally, the Dean expressed his gratitude to the delegation for their visit and their interest in developing medical education. The delegation, in turn, expressed their great admiration for what they had seen and interacted with.