Jordan University of Science and Technology organized a free medical day in the city of Ramtha.
04 May 2023

The Jordan University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with the New Ramtha Municipality, organized a free medical day today, Saturday, in the city of Ramtha, at the "Maimouna Bint Harith Elementary School" carried out by the Dean of Student Affairs in cooperation with the medical colleges at the university.
The medical day included various examinations in the fields of family medicine, internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, dentistry, awareness clinics, eye examination, blood sugar level examination, blood pressure examination, and various examinations in the fields of hearing, speech, dental and vital functions, as well as consultations in natural and functional therapy, in addition to training on CPR and emergency pulmonary resuscitation.
Assistant Professor Majid Masaadeh, the Dean of Student Affairs, inaugurated the medical day's events on behalf of the university president, in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Bashar Khasawneh, the head of the New Ramtha Municipality, Mr. Ahmad Al-Khazaaleh, a selection of faculty members, laboratory supervisors, master's and bachelor's students from the faculties of medicine, dentistry, nursing, applied medical sciences, and the university health center.
Assistant Professor Masaadeh conveyed the greetings of Professor Khalid Al-Salem, the university president, and his wishes for the attendees' good health and wellbeing. He indicated that the university's participation in this day comes within a clear and studied program that stems from the university's vision and its interaction with society outside its walls to fulfill its social responsibility. This ensures the spread of health awareness and education and the adoption of healthy practices in our lives.
In turn, the head of the New Ramtha Municipality, Mr. Ahmad Al-Khazaaleh, said that holding this activity represents a snapshot of social solidarity among all Jordanian citizens. It comes within the social responsibility and contributes to spreading health awareness, establishing positive practices, and healthy behaviors. It also achieves the directives of His Majesty the King in implementing all procedures that would alleviate citizens' conditions in proportion to their economic situation.
The director of Maimouna Bint Harith Elementary School, Ms. Nadia Dibajah, expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the university and the municipality for this initiative, which provides various medical services to the school's students and their families and the residents of the city of Ramtha.