The Faculty of Medicine at the Jordan University of Science and Technology organized a scientific day at King Abdullah University Hospital.
04 May 2023

The College of Medicine at Jordan University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with Georgetown University, organized a scientific day on "Emergency Response and Disaster Management" on Wednesday. The event covered the latest developments in disaster medicine and crisis management, as part of the International Executive Program in Emergency and Disaster Management.

During the opening of the scientific day, the Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Basheer Khasawneh, spoke about the college's history, academic faculty, and research capabilities. He emphasized that the policies and strategies adopted by successive university administrations have enabled the college to become one of the best medical colleges globally. He added that such scientific events help build the capacity and competence of staff and develop their abilities to deal effectively with crises and disasters.

Dr. Khasawneh praised the role of the Emergency and Accidents Department in organizing the scientific day, which in turn provides a significant opportunity for immediate and optimal handling of crises and disasters.

Dr. Liqa'a Rafie, Head of the Emergency Department, stated that the scientific day aims to develop the potential of workers in various hospital departments and emergencies from both technical and professional perspectives to enhance their ability to deal with disasters and crises and to conduct necessary interventions accurately, quickly, and comprehensively. She emphasized the need to disseminate knowledge and the latest developments on the subject of emergencies and disasters.

The scientific day included several lectures given by faculty members from Georgetown University, the College of Applied Medical Sciences, and the College of Medicine, in addition to the participation of a number of resident doctors in the Emergency and Incident Department, staff from King Abdullah University Hospital, and the Director of Technical Affairs for Hospitals from the Ministry of Health.




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