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Gender Male
Specialization: Á Đông
College: Xây dựng Nội thất
High School:    GPA: Thiết kế thi công
Source: Xây dựng Á Đông
Citizenship: Nội thất Á Đông
BSc GPA: _
Graduation Year: 2006
Admission year: 2009
Scientific degree earned from JUST: Diploma
Specify your current work title: CMO
Specify your current work location: Marketing Department
Years of employment after graduation: 1 – 5 years
The general performance of faculty members in the department/college was satisfactory Disagree
The theoretical knowledge learned during my JUST education  was enough and significant
The practical knowledge learned during my JUST education was useful and relevant Agree
The teaching approach in the Department/College combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills and critical thinking Neutral
The courses I had in my specialization were suitable for the job market requirements Agree
The department created good connections with industry and the job market Agree
There was an integration among students’ research, community issues and the job market Neutral
The college provides instruction that helped me performing my job-related responsibilities successfully Agree
Faculty members treated students with mutual respect and cooperation Agree
The department/college mentored student's to become capable, ethical, and responsible Agree
The number of students in the class was reasonable and allowed discussions and interaction Agree
Classrooms were comfortable, well designed and equipped to support the teaching-learning process Neutral
Computer labs and Internet service were available, up-to-date, and sufficiently equipped for the number of students Neutral
Faculty assessment by students was performed with reliability and objectivity without any influences by earned grades Neutral
The Dean was responsive to academic and non-academic issues that helped the students Agree
The Department Head resolved academic and non-academic issues that helped the students Neutral
The academic advisor was helpful in instructing during registration and advising Agree
Library resources were sufficient for students' educational and research needs Neutral
The University cafeterias, food and cleanliness are satisfactory, affordable, and large enough for the students numbers Neutral
The student services provided by the University supported the university environment Neutral
Athletic facilities met the needs of both male and female students Neutral
Housing facilities available in the campus for female students met the needs of students Agree
University staff  were treated the students with  respect and cooperative Agree
The extracurricular provided by the activities University activities helped me building other life aspects Neutral
Extracurricular activities met the needs of diverse students interests and provided opportunities for community service Neutral
The University provided opportunities that supported the job search

In general, I am  satisfied with my education at JUST Neutral
I would encourage current high school students to enroll at JUST Neutral
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