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General Physiology Labs

Lab Description


The physiology department has twp very large labs on M2 Level -1. The labs are well equipped to carry out several physiology experiments for all medical faculty students, medical, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and allied health.

For the blood analyses experiment the labs are well equipped to enable all students to measure all blood parameters, e.g. hemoglobin, haematocrit, Pro-thrombin time, ESR, RBC count, WBC differential count.

The students also learn how to measure blood pressure by different methods, i.e. sphygmomanometer and palpatory methods. The labs are also equipped with Tread Mills for blood pressure and exercise and ECG experiments.

The labs are equipped for students to learn how to record the electrocardiogram ECG, EEG and neuronal conduction velocity. Using spirometer the different lung volumes are measured using the students themselves as subjects.

Also urine physical and biochemical parameters are measured using the dip-sticks.

The labs are also equipped to carry more advanced experiments by medical students, beside the above labs, they carry out experiments about special senses like hearing and vision as well as the various neuronal reflexes.  

For research: we have good facilities for muscle research which includes cardiac muscle (isolated heart), tracheal smooth muscle and penile smooth muscle. The labs are also equipped with treat mills for exercise experiments 

Lab Location

M2 Level -1
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