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General Physiology

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This introductory course of general physiology is designed to introduce and familiarize first year medical students with basic definitions and principles related to physiology as a study of the living body at molecular, cellular as well as the level of intact organism. The basic knowledge in general and cellular physiology and fundamental of physiological principles needed for their further education are covered during this course. The concept of homeostasis, internal environment and example of homeostasis mechanisms of the major body system are discussed. The physiology of body fluid, body fluid compartments, measurements of each compartment, changes in osmolarity of body fluid and movement of water through cell membrane and capillary wall are emphasized. Physiology of the nerve and muscle including membrane potential, action potential, and excitability of the nerve fibers, muscle contraction and transmission of impulses across the synapse and neuromuscular junction are discussed. Also during the course, the physiological anatomy and functions of autonomic nervous system and nervous system are discussed. Overview of major body systems and their contribution in the maintenance of homeostasis are discussed. The frequency and method of student evaluation in this course consist of three written examinations. Each written examination is computer-administered fully integrated multi-choice question examination.​​

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