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​Med 202 Genetics, is a course for medical students during their second year. Instructional techniques in this course consist of regular classroom lecture format, twice per week one hour and half each. The course deals with the basic structure of genes, gene expression, and its regulation, genetic mutations, and polymorphisms. Then, the students will be introduced to the basic tools used by molecular biologists to study the above processes. This is followed by studying the principal patterns of cytogenetics, and the uses of cytogenetics in the diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities. We will also investigate the transmission of genetic diseases in families and in populations. Finally, several cell signaling pathways will be introduced for the student and the genetic/molecular basis of cancer will be discussed. Where appropriate, the course will be supplemented with clinical correlations that have direct relationships with the topic under investigation. The frequency and method of student evaluation in this course consists of two written examinations. Written examinations were of the objective type. ​

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