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Molecular Genetics M 211 B

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‚ÄčThis course is intended to acquaint students with some basic biochemical and molecular biology lab techniques, help them to perform some independent lab work and learn to cooperate with their colleagues in a laboratory environment. In the laboratory sessions, students are expected to learn how to use the centrifuge, pH meter, spectrophotometer. Titration curves of weak, strong acids and amino acids will be constructed using pH meter. Protein concentration, glucose and cholesterol level in the plasma will be determined using spectrophotometer. In addition, students will be familiarized with chromatography , electrophoresis and PCR techniques. Study the enzymatic activity of specific enzymes. DNA isolation, characterization and amplification using PCR techniques will be performed.

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Molecular Genetics

Course Syllabus Genetics_M 211 B/Syllabus M 211B.doc
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